Annual report pursuant to Section 13 and 15(d)

Subsequent Events

Subsequent Events
12 Months Ended
Dec. 31, 2013
Subsequent Events [Abstract]  
Subsequent Events

Subsequent Events

Significant Agreement

On January 30, 2014, the Company announced the amendment of the licensing agreement with Baxter in which certain financial and timing aspects of the agreement were modified. As a result, the Company is entitled to receive certain amounts in development, regulatory and sales milestone payments as well as increased royalties on potential net sales. In addition, Baxter SA made a direct equity investment of $10 million in cash in exchange for 10,695,187 shares of the Company’s common stock. Following this investment, Baxter SA increased their share ownership to approximately 10%.


Reverse Merger Business Combination

The Acquisition transaction between the Company and Xenetic UK was completed on January 23, 2014 and resulted in the Company acquiring all of the issued and outstanding common stock of Xenetic UK. The Acquisition was accounted for as a reverse acquisition under the acquisition method of accounting per ASC 805, with Xenetic UK treated as the accounting acquirer and the Company treated as the “acquired” company for financial reporting purposes. This was determined based on the following facts: (i) after the reverse merger, former stockholders of Xenetic UK held a majority of the voting interest of the combined company; (ii) former Board of Directors of Xenetic UK possess majority control of the Board of Directors of the combined company; and (iii) members of the management of Xenetic UK are responsible for the management of the combined company. As such, the financial statements of Xenetic UK are treated as the historical financial statements of the combined company.

The fair value of the consideration transferred in the reverse merger was $3.75 million. This was calculated as the number of shares of common stock that Xenetic UK would have had to issue in order for the Company’s shareholders to hold the same equity interest in the combined entity immediately following the acquisition (approximately 9.2%), multiplied by the estimated fair value of the Company’s common stock on the acquisition date (£0.06 per share). The estimated fair value of the Company’s common stock was based on the price of the Company’s stock on the acquisition date, which was actively traded on the Alternative Investments Market in the United Kingdom. In addition, Xenetic UK incurred approximately $3 million of transaction costs related to the reverse merger to date.

The fair value of all acquired assets and liabilities summarized below is provisional pending finalization of the Company’s acquisition accounting. The Company believes that such preliminary allocations provide a reasonable basis for estimating the fair values of assets acquired and liabilities assumed but the Company is waiting for additional information necessary to finalize fair value. The Company expects to finalize the valuation and complete the purchase price allocation as soon as practicable but no later than one year from the acquisition date. Final determination of the fair value may result in further adjustments.

The preliminary fair value of the acquired assets and liabilities is as follows:



   $ 43,502     

   Accounts receivable


   Prepaid expenses


   Property, plant and equipment


   Accounts payable


   Accrued expenses


   Long-term debt





       Total identifiable net assets








     $     3,750,000     


Following the Acquisition, an Agreement of Conveyance, Transfer and Assignment of Subsidiaries and Assumption of Obligations (the “Hive Out Agreement”) was executed, whereupon 10,000,000 outstanding shares of common stock held by Oxbridge Technology Partners SA (“Oxbridge”) were canceled, returned to the Company and recorded as treasury shares. In exchange, Oxbridge acquired all issued and outstanding shares of both of the Company’s former operating subsidiaries, Shift It Media Co. and General Aircraft, Inc. (the “Disposed Subsidiaries”), including all assets and liabilities connected with the businesses transferred. The Hive Out Agreement also required a payment to Oxbridge of $430,000, which was paid by the Company shortly after the Acquisition.

The Company recorded this divestiture as a separate transaction from the Acquisition that results in the disposal of two of the Company’s subsidiaries. The Disposed Subsidiaries did not record any operations in the combined entity following the Acquisition before they were disposed and these financial statements do not reflect the historical financial statements of the Disposed Subsidiaries as they were previously owned by the accounting acquiree. Accordingly, there are no balances to be recorded as discontinued operations on the statement of operations. As a result of the divestiture of the Disposed Subsidiaries, the Company expects to record a loss on disposal of $1,069,675 during the first quarter of 2014 related to a portion of the overall consideration to Oxbridge for the canceled shares returned by Oxbridge.

With the occurrence of the Acquisition and following that, the Hive Out Agreement, the pro forma revenue and net loss financial information as if the transactions had occurred on January 1, 2012 is not necessarily indicative of the Company’s consolidated operating results that would have been reported had the transactions been completed as described herein, nor is such information necessarily indicative of the Company’s consolidated results for any future period. The year ended December 31, 2013 pro forma net loss would be adjusted to exclude certain expenses incurred during 2013, being approximately $2.2 million of acquisition-related costs and to include the loss on disposal of the Disposed Subsidiaries of approximately $1.1 million, referred to above. There were no pro forma adjustments for the year ended December 31, 2012.